How to define a good machine ? RUK cutting machine help you slove your doubts !

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  • Easy to make machine operation and cutting path software. Directly for JPG file making no need  pass for CDR or PS or AI.
  • High cutting accuracy with 1-1.5m /s  and efficiency with 0.01mm , Repeat cut accuracy 0 error and cutting without bleeding.
  • High stability  for machine  with Japan Mitsubishi ,Swiss motor for Vibration knife,Germany  linear guide , Italy Felt
  • Various Cutting materials : KT board, PVC board, snow Buddha board, photo materials, soft film, painting cloth, flag cloth, acrylic, corrugated paper, honeycomb board, foam board, auto sticker, aluminum plastic board, etc 
  • Low cost of cutting machine  : Low equipment failure rate, low maintenance, low consumables。
  • Service network and way: Fast and timely service. service way localization door to door service way, the local dealer is our service organization。 
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Post time: May-12-2021
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