Technology has put high-end customization within reach

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, users in the garment industry are characterized by batch customization, diversification and individuation.  


RUK "double head flexible material CNC cutting machine", the width of the cutting table plays a vital role in the customization of lattice/stripe fabric.the machine can save fabric, improve efficiency, without manual intervention, and the system automatically identify and locate the grid.  


Advantages of cloth cutting machine:

1.Compatible with DXF or PLT files

2.Support automatic sorting of plaid cloth, greatly improve work efficiency, improve cloth utilization rate.

3.Intelligently realize the cutting function of accurate cutting of bar, graph, and lattice.

4.Intelligent typesetting, super typesetting, save material 3%-5%.

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Post time: Sep-06-2021
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